A rose came calling at my door
where there’d never been a rose before.

Its scent, its sweetness incandescent,
I breathed in, and in again.

Why should this rose, so bright and dear,
choose this very time, this day to appear?

I wondered and reflected
but no answer came to me.

Yet still I admired her beauty
And bent to inhale her scent

Turns out no reason’s needed,
and also no lament,
I opened my arms wide
for love’s soft descent

Strangely 040420

Strangely, life becomes easier.
Time eases, taking up larger spaces,
Arms spread, with room to unfold
with Distances spanned by modern words
sent arrow-direct straight into a heart.

I like the open door into the window there without us
birds singing, fish swimming, air blowing, all there alone
Just like we are, eyes turned inward, wings spread open
to protect what yet we don’t know we’ve lost.

A mirror shows us, with its candle, and incense burning
and something more that only you do know
wordless heartfelt benthic rising
honors you and that which you don’t know
how to address, honors you back, somehow.

Hang on People

The wind is picking up
and the temperature has dropped
A storm is blowing in
Hold tight now, don’t get lost

Strong currents may enfold us
Challenges as yet unknown
Life, so precious, now endangered
Breaking hearts must still be strong

Uncertainty before us, 
confusion seems to reign
A harbor is out there somewhere
May all that’s sacred guide us
To that brighter shore.


a prayer in times of calamity

what are these days
that find us circling again against
an age old new young enemy
panicking as we stock our shelves
trying to build a moat around our houses
while worrying how to protect our 
far flung loved ones, fearing, fearing,
no not theirs not to be them
we protest and exclaim
while that reaper hunts 
yet again the human strain

we pray and cast our cards
we text and stay in touch
and God if you listen 
may this be enough

Strange how the time passes

It’s strange how the time passes
wrinkles cross an unfamiliar face

where are all the selves I have been
nested like silent dolls inside me

mostly I pay them no mind
they had their moments

but sometimes I want them to wake up
I miss that headlong dive
I used to take into my future

I’ll take salt and rub away the layers
keeping me from them
they are just sleeping just under my foreign skin.

a rainbow in my rearview mirror

I saw a rainbow in my rearview mirror and I almost turned around

I said i was leaving, out the door, before i knew what i had found

no more sorrow no more yearning i was determined that’s what i said

when i tossed the covers off me and walked right out of your bed

oh love is lost and lonely 

and often turned around 

i wished i could return to what i’ve lost and never found

you wrote me songs of angels

but devils often came

your bright lights hid your dark ones

till daylight came again.


i saw a rainbow in my rearview mirror and almost turned around

was it yesterday again or was i lost again, not tound

you alway had a way of charming me so true

was it you or was it just your angel shining through


Let not my soul be shaken
by currents adrift massing close
for my heart is anchored solid
with a bedrock strong I know

you are always with me 
both in my heart and all around
may I as well spread
peace, deep and most profound

moments mean so much
when all of life’s in flux
take heed to the call of the bell
that heart’s ring sings out so strong.

sometimes you lose

sometimes you lose them

like a river
so that sometimes
I could just float

and forgive myself
for having lost them
the ones who had to go

I argue with God
and pray or whatever
you might call it

I say in disbelief
no, you can’t take him, take her

Not to be listened to
My plea cannot stop
their last day’s destiny

sometimes you lose them

Easter Song

So many things my heart possesses
That it chooses not to reveal
A cold glance could divest it
Just as it’s learning how to heal.

The song is not yet over
For the ones who haven’t learned to sing
The rhythm of life felt deeply
Runs in the veins of all who dream.