it’s your book

dance along your mystic path
moon serenading the wild world
dreamers smile suddenly in their sleep
you have given them a gift

dream on into your promised land
the tree there is heavy with fruit
verdant life returns your gaze
read the hidden book there, it is yours

descry within your radiant heart
a fire reflected there that sparks and burns
a voice singing in words mysterious
then dance on until the dawn returns

dancer’s feet

time is a river

any innocent step
changes currents
creates eddies and flows
liquefies paths
along which we drift
changing without knowing

until we see our own reflection
looking back at us


Veils fall, my mind
A sleepy dreamer.
Painted landscapes coalesce and dissolve
While dust crumbles through my fingers.
A breath, a sigh. Mine.
Stirs dim gauzy curtains.
My eyes fill with tears.
I don’t know why.


I told myself I could fly
I dreamt that my window opened.
i turned the catch my self
and pushed it open, slowly.
the moon was floating outside
and the limbs of the trees were dancing
i stepped out

Suppliers… Road trip!

So yay! The Glossary is done! I just need to find a Thai individual to double check my scraped together Google/Jennifer Thai typing. And I feel the likelihood of that occurrence is fairly high, given that my next chunk of the book is… Suppliers!

This will be exciting; it has road trip written all over it. Jennifer had been living in El Segundo and teaching her Thai cooking classes there – those classes were the genesis for Original Thai. Many of the suppliers she lists were (are? oh I hope still)  in Los Angeles. Continue reading “Suppliers… Road trip!”

i better cook dinner

sometimes dazed, sometimes days, they melt together.

especially the day after new year’s

when am i


but tasks, like trimming the roses,

or roasting a sunday chicken

ground me in time.

and then you know?

if you sit at the table,

it’s time to eat.

Typing Thai

The Glossary presented a particular challenge. The terms were written in Thai characters at the beginning of each glossary entry. My first thought was to type the characters myself. I managed to get a Thai keyboard installed on my MacBook Pro, and pulled up the keyboard after changing my little flag by the date to the Thai one. This really was daunting however. I was squinting at the keyboard viewer, trying to distinguish each lovely curly letter from the next, to replicate what I saw in the book. On some letters there are elegant flourishes which top them like extra sprinkles on an ice cream cone. I had to type the flourish, then the letter, to create the finished compound letter. Kind of like a Spanish ñ or German ü. A lot curlier though. Continue reading “Typing Thai”