Suppliers… Road trip!

So yay! The Glossary is done! I just need to find a Thai individual to double check my scraped together Google/Jennifer Thai typing. And I feel the likelihood of that occurrence is fairly high, given that my next chunk of the book is… Suppliers!

This will be exciting; it has road trip written all over it. Jennifer had been living in El Segundo and teaching her Thai cooking classes there – those classes were the genesis for Original Thai. Many of the suppliers she lists were (are? oh I hope still)  in Los Angeles.

How the world has changed since Jenn wrote this book. It was very difficult to get ingredients like Makrut, Shrimp Paste, lemon grass… priki noo! She states in “Suppliers” how these were trusted contacts, and lists which were by mail, etc. So strange to us now that we have the internet to satisfy all our desires, and if you have Amazon Prime, pretty quickly too.

I am in love with the names of these companies, Overseas Marketing  Corp. in Buena Park, The Bangkok Market, Inc on Melrose and the street locations of others, Sta Monica Blvd,   Coldwater Canyon, Montana Ave, Highland and Coldwater Canyon. Did I mention that I lived for a long time in LA westside, myself. Friends in Hollywood.

And there are her San Francisco, New York and Chicago sources. Like little stepchildren they close out the Suppliers before the somewhat hopeful cities and lone states fill out the chapter  with nary an address or evaluative code to lean toward.

Adventure calls!

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  1. There are many Thai restaurants here in Tmecula. There is a large Asian market here. Bet they have EVERYTHING,

  2. sounds like we should have a recipe trial at your house! i am starting to think i’m going to need to try them all!!!

  3. It is so very exciting to see how your project ‘a true labour of love’ has developed from that tiny seed, sown so carefully, and is now growing from sapling towards maturity.

  4. thanks Pippa! I’m excited to move past the appendixes and get ready to cook along with the proofing! Not sure when I’m going to get to LA might make a Ranch 99 trip first!

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