while i fly

while i fly higher than the sun
maybe you can see my shadow
while i hide under the river
maybe you can catch my tale

begun before i knew it
awoke to signs on my crib
and sighs and cries while
familiar people vanished

and dry skies and shaded eyes
swaddled me till i could walk
hidden by desert veils
unbidden anger fighting with
fists against closed doors

why am i unknown
why is the sky so distant
where am i and who
who knows

our existence like sand dunes
under the winds
of time

all saints day poem:

white edged thoughts of blinding lightning,
deep caves of cool blue sudden darkness,
your dreams tell stories to your midnight daylight
you are different than you think

crazy angels

I am not as holy as I could be

I am swimming in the stream of life

I am dancing with my devils

Giving birth to angels on the side.

I am living with my sorrows

And dreaming of my joys

I am honoring my heroes

While playing with my toys.

Oh crazy angels guide me

For I am one of you

A human trapped inside me

Dreaming of becoming new

Sun rise and sun set

Moon rise too

Starry sky abounding

Dark pool, face reflected

Is that you?


the fog advances
like a wall enclosing
hiding ridges, valleys and distant lights
till all I see is my own piece of earth
and that, dimly

sounds are muffled and thoughts too
i draw my own circles around me
when I cannot see
my eyes are opened


floating mountain

where are you in the world
floating lost
last best mooring let go
forgotten by the sea’s heart
driftwood floating in the ocean

come find me
one golden autumn
I let go too
peace and stillness made promises
in the dawn

where is my mirror?
i see you there
our old snapshot
when we were headed out
to dance

i long for you
like a field of heavy earth receives the rain
you are known to me heart to heart
benthic elementals meeting


poetic gaming

What hidden reality is present in life when we see with eyes of wonder

Do we need technology to show us what is always present

Or do we sense it and feel it now.

Virtual reality populates empty rooms

Life lives in open spaces.


May the virtual reality artists make their games poetry.

May the empty rooms fill with life.

Dreams and visions are the conditions of the people.

Reality imagines, even technology can dream.

it’s your book

dance along your mystic path
moon serenading the wild world
dreamers smile suddenly in their sleep
you have given them a gift

dream on into your promised land
the tree there is heavy with fruit
verdant life returns your gaze
read the hidden book there, it is yours

descry within your radiant heart
a fire reflected there that sparks and burns
a voice singing in words mysterious
then dance on until the dawn returns

dancer’s feet

time is a river

any innocent step
changes currents
creates eddies and flows
liquefies paths
along which we drift
changing without knowing

until we see our own reflection
looking back at us


Veils fall, my mind
A sleepy dreamer.
Painted landscapes coalesce and dissolve
While dust crumbles through my fingers.
A breath, a sigh. Mine.
Stirs dim gauzy curtains.
My eyes fill with tears.
I don’t know why.


I told myself I could fly
I dreamt that my window opened.
i turned the catch my self
and pushed it open, slowly.
the moon was floating outside
and the limbs of the trees were dancing
i stepped out