One moon waxes, while another wanes.
Water washes ashore, and drags away
the loose sand, unanchored,
and ready to move,
waiting for its secret signal
to release it all,
to let it go, and dive deeply into that demanding tide.

You said you couldn’t stay, you must go when the doorbell rings, you wanderer.
How wonderful to have known you
How grave my loss to lose you like this
My world will change if you go.

Still, you open the door,
and dance with the tide.

By all accounts

I said that red bound archives with gilt letters adorned my library. I said there were volumes that would speak if they were opened.

I felt Time ebb and flow around my feet.

Time replied that all unknowing seeks to awaken, and opened his books, their spines revealing  pages undeciphered to my gaze.

An ocean of endless knowing sought to be awake right then. Lucid dreams painted themselves on the pages, and an aeon and a moment danced once before the foot failed again to fall.

Shards of nighttime’s painting broke before the dawn, a dreamer’s manifesto still waits to be finished, in a blind world.

new moon song

my broken heart resists healing, nursing scars,
it’s a broken flower vase, assembled with glue.

but you keep bringing bouquets my way,
laying them at my feet as if I were the  Queen of Hearts.

I smile as I open the door.

old fences

Hearts drenched and wrenched
toss off parts and pieces quickly
push to grow, push to grow, grow beyond old fences
we cannot resist, we break things sometimes
we become more.