Suppliers… Road trip!

So yay! The Glossary is done! I just need to find a Thai individual to double check my scraped together Google/Jennifer Thai typing. And I feel the likelihood of that occurrence is fairly high, given that my next chunk of the book is… Suppliers!

This will be exciting; it has road trip written all over it. Jennifer had been living in El Segundo and teaching her Thai cooking classes there – those classes were the genesis for Original Thai. Many of the suppliers she lists were (are? oh I hope still)  in Los Angeles. Continue reading “Suppliers… Road trip!”

Typing Thai

The Glossary presented a particular challenge. The terms were written in Thai characters at the beginning of each glossary entry. My first thought was to type the characters myself. I managed to get a Thai keyboard installed on my MacBook Pro, and pulled up the keyboard after changing my little flag by the date to the Thai one. This really was daunting however. I was squinting at the keyboard viewer, trying to distinguish each lovely curly letter from the next, to replicate what I saw in the book. On some letters there are elegant flourishes which top them like extra sprinkles on an ice cream cone. I had to type the flourish, then the letter, to create the finished compound letter. Kind of like a Spanish ñ or German ü. A lot curlier though. Continue reading “Typing Thai”

The Day of Appendixes….

Jennifer says in her Chapter Five, Memo to the Cook, from The Original Thai Cookbook,

I urge you to read…the following segments before you embark on your first Thai cooking experience: Fundamentals, Pronunciation Guide, Vocabulary, Glossary, Sources and Suppliers – for information that will be essential to you.1)Jennifer Brennan, The Original Thai Cookbook, Richard Marek Publishers, 1981, 61-62.

How nice it was hear her speaking to me in the present tense! I felt I must take her seriously here, especially since she italicized “essential”, and decided to follow that course in my proofreading.

Continue reading “The Day of Appendixes….”

References   [ + ]

1. Jennifer Brennan, The Original Thai Cookbook, Richard Marek Publishers, 1981, 61-62.

In Which I Begin

My gaze slowly traveled up, revealing a tall blonde, fashionable Brit, dripping in gold at my front door in Los Angeles. My own hair was dripping wet from the shower. That’s how I met Jennifer, my first mother in law. We were both children of military upbringing. General Pritchard, Jennifer’s deceased father, was a British Royal Engineer who helped build the Burma Road during World War II. My own father was a Navy aircraft carrier pilot. This endeared me to Dearest, my first husband, Adam’s, grandmother instantly. Service families were all in.

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