Strange how the time passes

It’s strange how the time passes
wrinkles cross an unfamiliar face

where are all the selves I have been
nested like silent dolls inside me

mostly I pay them no mind
they had their moments

but sometimes I want them to wake up
I miss that headlong dive
I used to take into my future

I’ll take salt and rub away the layers
keeping me from them
they are just sleeping just under my foreign skin.

a rainbow in my rearview mirror

I saw a rainbow in my rearview mirror and I almost turned around

I said i was leaving, out the door, before i knew what i had found

no more sorrow no more yearning i was determined that’s what i said

when i tossed the covers off me and walked right out of your bed

oh love is lost and lonely 

and often turned around 

i wished i could return to what i’ve lost and never found

you wrote me songs of angels

but devils often came

your bright lights hid your dark ones

till daylight came again.


i saw a rainbow in my rearview mirror and almost turned around

was it yesterday again or was i lost again, not tound

you alway had a way of charming me so true

was it you or was it just your angel shining through


Let not my soul be shaken
by currents adrift massing close
for my heart is anchored solid
with a bedrock strong I know

you are always with me 
both in my heart and all around
may I as well spread
peace, deep and most profound

moments mean so much
when all of life’s in flux
take heed to the call of the bell
that heart’s ring sings out so strong.

sometimes you lose

sometimes you lose them

like a river
so that sometimes
I could just float

and forgive myself
for having lost them
the ones who had to go

I argue with God
and pray or whatever
you might call it

I say in disbelief
no, you can’t take him, take her

Not to be listened to
My plea cannot stop
their last day’s destiny

sometimes you lose them

Easter Song

So many things my heart possesses
That it chooses not to reveal
A cold glance could divest it
Just as it’s learning how to heal.

The song is not yet over
For the ones who haven’t learned to sing
The rhythm of life felt deeply
Runs in the veins of all who dream.

have a new magical experience next time you open the door

may light bathe you from your path onward
may love always grace your door
may happiness walk alongside
and strength lift up endeavors forward

may beauty surround you
and the fires of all the brightest burn within
may the hills of ancients protect you
while the earth around you blooms

oh blessed of this earth are we
who dance to the same god’s breath
as earth and sea and wind and death
live brilliant light whose flame
burns within

lost illusions

a washed clean doorstop
danger’s just passed.
now bags packed
seasons have changed

quick glances exchanged
nervous, and breathing deeply,
limo is here
climb in and
shut the door

Transitory travel
which all of life endures
momentary glimpses of light
behind the many doors

we can only describe our hearts,
or the blood of our dreams
when our souls are old enough to skry
beyond our illusions


while i fly

while i fly higher than the sun
maybe you can see my shadow
while i hide under the river
maybe you can catch my tale

begun before i knew it
awoke to signs on my crib
and sighs and cries while
familiar people vanished

and dry skies and shaded eyes
swaddled me till i could walk
hidden by desert veils
unbidden anger fighting with
fists against closed doors

why am i unknown
why is the sky so distant
where am i and who
who knows

our existence like sand dunes
under the winds
of time